Nicola Jayne Little, Savvy Founder and Director

‘People are my Joy’

Nicola HeadshotNicola is the Founder and Director of The Savvy Solos Business Club. The idea for The Club had been brewing for five years throughout her time delivering social media training and 1-2-1 mentoring for Digital Sparkles.

From her training sessions, Nicola realised that the majority of solo business people had the same difficulties holding them back: lack of confidence, no-one to bounce ideas off and help smash their business targets, a lack of time management accountability and, crucially, no-one to help celebrate their business successes with, no matter how small they were.

As a ‘Savvy Solo’ herself, Nicola launched The Savvy Solos Business Club in January 2018 with a programme of training-based networking meetings in both Durham and Northumberland.

The feedback from members is exemplary and with plans to expand across the North East, The Savvy Solos Business Club has become an essential community for those working on their own.


Michelle Dobson, Director and Savvy Operator 

Michelle HeadshotAs a Savvy Solo business-woman, Michelle was one of the first members to join The Club. Being an experienced office manager and virtual personal assistant, she quickly took over managing the business operations and the team of solos who support us.

Michelle liaises with all the new members and acts as their first point of contact, ensuring they’re all set up and ready to do business.

Managing a hectic events schedule takes some doing, but Michelle oversees the training programme delivered to members and sits on the advisory panel for the company.


Karen Goldfinch, Steering Group Member and North Tyneside Lead 

Karen Goldfinch headshotKaren met Nicola through DoDigital & later Savvy Solos, through both her own business Made to Treasure Stationery & Events and her role within the North Tyneside Business Forum.

With a background in retail, training & teaching and a passion for design & events she set up Made to Treasure in 2002, and now provides bespoke stationery for weddings & corporate events, working in partnership with many north east venues.  She also offers event management for businesses, from network gatherings, product launches, to charity dinners and VIP after show management.

Karen holds the position of Vice Chair and Event lead for the North Tyneside Business Forum, representing over 1300 businesses.

A keen supporter of businesses working together, and former Chair of her local town Chamber, she is often seen as the ‘go-to’ person for connecting people, signposting them to support where needed and offering advice where she can following her business career of over 30 years!

Karen has been invited on to the Steering Group to help support our Savvy Events, to share her retail & sales knowledge, to encourage networks and to develop areas such as North Tyneside, to grow our Savvy Family even further.


Michelle Rose, Steering Group Member and Savvy Marketer

Michelle Rose ImageMichelle met Nicola at a networking event in early 2016 and the seeds of a firm friendship were sown. When Nicola moved Digital Sparkles to Consett, Michelle’s hometown, that friendship blossomed.

Michelle has been self-employed since 2011 and helps small business owners get started, and fall in love with, their marketing.

She delivers training, 1-2-1 mentoring, online support via her #LoveYourMarketing FacebookGroup and has self-published her own social media workbook called #FacebookThirty. So as well as being friends Michelle and Nicola are serious competitors! But that has never stood in their way; in fact, they have used their shared skills to foster collaborations and have mentored each other, showing that when truly you place your trust in someone great things can happen.

Nicola invited Michelle to be a Steering Group member so she can support the growth of The Savvy Solos Business Club. Together the team will ensure there is a strong marketing plan being implemented which is pushing Nicola and Michelle (the other one!) towards their goals.


Peter Surridge, Savvy Website Whizz and Steering Group Member

Pete HeadshotPeter joined The Savvy Solos Business Club to learn the skills to grow his own business and find new clients, both of which he has done par excellence! Peter is so good at building and managing websites, he quickly took over running and hosting ours, as well as delivering training sessions for the other Savvy Solos members on website build, maintenance and SEO.

As a Steering Group member, Peter’s corporate background brings a fresh perspective to our conversations and he ensures our website and digital presence evolves to reflect and meet our ambition.