I’ve been inspired by a discussion I had with other small business owners during a masterclass with Digital Sparkles and the NBSL. I realised that small and medium business owners are often overwhelmed by pricing strategy. Nevertheless, pricing can have a huge impact on the success of our business. So, I wanted to share some of my tips […]

We’re always being told to say ‘yes’. As if our lives, like poor Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Sliding Doors literally depended on it. Say ‘no’ we’re told, and you’ll at best be unhappy, at worst, if Sliding Doors is to be believed, fighting for your life in Intensive Care. There’s this enormous pressure to seize […]

Networking is one of the essential marketing activities for all micro business owners, especially in the first couple of years of trading as we establish our reputation. However, networking and putting ourselves ‘out there’ doesn’t come naturally to most people, especially if they’ve never had to do it in a previous job. The only way […]

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by your business space, whether that be stock, an office, or your business administration? Is your desktop or laptop a bit of a mess with folders, documents and images everywhere? Trust me, you’re not alone! If your physical and virtual business space is a mess, you’ll spend valuable time […]