Savvy enough to get nominated for an FSB regional award

Savvy Solos 1st birthday party with cake
Savvy Solos 1st birthday

We all know how great The Savvy Solos Business Club is – and now it’s been recognised by The Federation of Small Businesses too!

I noticed the social media messages encouraging North East businesses to enter the FSB regional awards, and experienced the common anxieties most businesses owners have, “Is Savvys “good enough” to get noticed?”.

It’s a contrary feeling. I know how beneficial The Club is for its members as they’re forever telling me. Getting recognised as award-worthy by anyone from the “outside” is a different matter altogether. Outside validation is not one of my ‘whys’ for running a business and here I was anxious about being good enough.

Still, what the hell. Savvy Solos may only be 14 months old but the award was for Start-Ups after all.
One thing is for sure, it’ll never win a thing if we never nominate it for anything!

Writing the award application forced me to reflect on our first year. The months of pre-planning before launch and the overwhelming take-up of members in the first few months. And the graft managing an existing business as well as throwing myself at the new one is not to be underestimated!

How proud I am. The membership numbers are marvellous but the ultra-positive effect The Club is having on its members is staggering.

Without positive outcomes for its members, The Club wouldn’t exist.

It is YOU who make The Club what it is, it is YOU that grafts to improve your businesses. The whole membership basks in the glow of the success and positivity when members do well.

So, congratulations to all our members. By staying focussed on your weekly goals and ambitions for your businesses, we all win.




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