How I Gained 9 New Clients In 2 Months Through Savvy Solos

Simon Lowe Photography – A Case Study

  • 12 Leads generated

  • 9 confirmed sales

  • 80% of new business from 1 marketing package

  • ROI: 12:1


The Problem

As a sole trader and new business (started September 2017), I want to offer photography services to businesses in the North-East.

Many of my business contacts were also small businesses too but when talking to them I learned what the barriers were to hiring a photographer:

Cost – Professional commercial photography is perceived as expensive – something to aspire to after expansion.

Time – when you’re running everything, pausing to take the time required for photography is disruptive.

Value – many small businesses rely on the smartphone in their pocket for their images.

When you can do it for nothing for yourself, why pay someone else?

The Solution

As part of the Savvy Solos Club membership subscription, founder Nicola Little offers a special rate for members. Having worked with Nicola via funded group training several times before, I was confident that she had the expertise and also (as a sole trader herself) the experience to help me. I decided that a 1-2-1 consultation with her to help create a marketing package for small businesses would be worth the investment.

During our 2 hour session, Nicola and I thrashed out the obstacles and frustrations I was feeling about growing my business. As well as the barriers mentioned above, my confidence in my ability to develop and sustain a marketing plan was also pretty shaky.

Nevertheless by the end of the session, we had:

  • Planned a photography package that would appeal to my target market
  • Drafted a marketing strategy to raise awareness of the new package including a blog, social media posts and face-to-face networking via Savvy Solos.
  • Set deadlines for the marketing to support me through accountability.
  • Restored my confidence in growing my business

The Result

At April’s Savvy Solo networking event, I announced the photography package as an exclusive for members.

Part of the ethos of the Club is that we all try to buy from each other, so to kick-start the campaign, Nicola hired me to provide event photography for the event. This was the vote of confidence I needed and also provided a showcase for my skills to other members.

A few days after the event, the offer was launched to Savvy Solos via a new blog  Have You Got The Right Mix?  posted on the Club’s member’s website and its Facebook page, supported by a wider social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


  • Within a week of launch I had 3 leads from members and one confirmed sale.


  • By mid-May, 2 further confirmed sales from members
  • At time of writing, 9 sales from 12 leads.

I’m now looking to build on this initial growth and diversify, offering photography to larger businesses as well as sole traders.

Thank you very much to Nicola, the members of Savvy Solos and all my fantastic clients!


Simon Lowe Photography


Simon Lowe


  1. It’s a great package Simon and I was one of those who felt I had to wait until I could afford a photographer. I’m really looking forward to having proper photos from you to put on my website.

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