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Managing Absence   Absenteeism in the workplace can be caused by a number of factors. From illness and stress to social and financial worries. In fact, UK workers take four million days off a year due to financial concerns alone[1] and with absent workers costing UK businesses £1.6 billion every year[2], it is fast becoming […]

Managing difficult or disruptive behaviour in the workplace can be very stressful and time consuming. It can have a huge impact on team dynamics, productivity and, in the worst case scenario, create long term absence issues for either management, the employee, or both. Unfortunately it is not unusual that a manager will face a difficult […]

Simon Lowe Photography – A Case Study 12 Leads generated 9 confirmed sales 80% of new business from 1 marketing package ROI: 12:1   The Problem As a sole trader and new business (started September 2017), I want to offer photography services to businesses in the North-East. Many of my business contacts were also small […]

The Savvy Solos Club was founded on a really simple principle – those of us who run a business on our own get lonely, have no-one to bounce ideas off and often need a new perspective on what we’re trying to achieve in our businesses.

After five years of training many hundreds, probably thousands, of business owners from across the North of England, I decided I needed a solution for people just like me. The Savvy Solos Club was launched four months after the initial concept.

Imagine this; dozens of amazing, enthusiastic, hard-working business owners meeting each month to learn from one another and access focused training sessions on topics ranging from self-confidence to Google Analytics, it’s a recipe for motivation and success.

The unique situation of every member being self-employed, or running a business totally on their own, means that there is no hierarchy in The Club; everyone is equal, everyone is valuable and everyone GETS what the others experience.

I know that being an active member of a community is important for small business owners, our work is challenging at the best of times and we all need others’ to bounce ideas off and download with…

Want to ramp up your LinkedIn success? Check out my top 10 tips for getting your profile right and how to start using your account. Remember, don’t just collect a network, do something with it! If we’re not connected on LinkedIn already, here’s my url See you there! Your Personal LinkedIn Profile Checklist Co […]

We’re always being told to say ‘yes’. As if our lives, like poor Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in Sliding Doors literally depended on it. Say ‘no’ we’re told, and you’ll at best be unhappy, at worst, if Sliding Doors is to be believed, fighting for your life in Intensive Care. There’s this enormous pressure to seize […]