Personal, Financial and Business Objectives Worksheets – downloadable

Following on from Paul’s Business Planning workshops in Blyth and Consett (Feb 2019) we’ve uploaded the worksheets for members.

There are two sets of worksheets – just click on the links to open them up, download and print them out. When you’ve completed them, share your thoughts in the Facebook group (if you want to!).

Goal Setting and Action Plans

Make your goals real with the goal setting and mapping worksheets focussing on:

  • personal growth and contribution,
  • achievements and experiences and
  • financial freedom and rewards.

Activity 1 – Write down your top 3 personal/financial goals of the year and why they are important to you

Activity 2 – Use the sheet to plan out 3 key goals to grow your business this year

Activity 3 – Detail HOW achieving the key business goals will help contribute to your personal financial goals.

DOWNLOAD your Goal Setting and Action Plan Worksheets here: Goal setting and action plan activities

Short Term Business Objectives

Short-term business objectives typically apply to the actions and objectives you want the business to achieve in the financial year. They should work together to help you achieve the longer-term strategic goals.

Objectives focus on what your company will do to get there and are usually described as numbers and targets. They should be able to be allocated to teams and individuals to carry out, with milestones and targets to achieve.

Make sure any objectives you set are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound).

Work through the printouts to:

  1. Describe your business outlining the different products and services you offer
  2. Set short, medium and long-term objectives
  3. Detail your target customers
  4. Explain your approach to pricing your products and services

These worksheets have been prepared, designed and printed for The Savvy Solos Business Club members only and are not available to anyone outside the membership.

Thanks to our member Deb Nolan for designing them.

DOWNLOAD your Business Objective Worksheets here – Business objectives worksheets



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