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The Savvy Solos Business Club


Works harder than most


Loves what they do

Works alone

Doing Business Your Way

Helps one another

To Succeed


With One Another


Focused To Achieve

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Who is a Savvy Solo?

You run your own business or are self-employed,
You work on your own,
You’re excited by everyday opportunities,
You’re customer service orientated, and
You work hard.

Sometimes you get lonely
Sometimes you miss the chat
Sometimes you feel overwhelmed

But you love what you do and wouldn’t want it any other way!

You need to build up business relationships with people you like and trust. People just like you who get it.

They understand the ups and downs of running a solo business. They will listen, offer help, advice and a cup of tea. They’ll laugh, cry and celebrate all your successes…  and you’ll do the same for them.

Your competitive advantage is you. You are the USP in your business. You need to invest in yourself to keep your skill set fresh and you are determined to succeed.

You’re the ideal Savvy Solo Business Club member.

We invite you to Get Out Of Your Own Way…

When you’re part of a supportive community, really great things happen.

You make new business friends and have people to share your news. You buy from one another and stay in the forefront of each other’s minds, recommending each other to people you meet along the way.
You learn from one another and have a shoulder to lean on when things are tough.

The Savvy Solos Business Club members support each other in their journey to be the best version of their business self, to push their boundaries and achieve great things.

Being a #SavvySolo gives you access to a monthly ‘meet and learn’ session (training and networking rolled into one!), resources such as blog posts and training videos, downloadable sheets to plan your business activities and preferred supplier status amongst the other members.

Welcome to The Savvy Solos Business Club.

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded business people to support you in your own business journey this is the place to be.
The #SavvySolos are full of energy, dedication and work hard!

Thinking of joining? This is what happens when you invest £15 per month in yourself and your business…

Step One – Apply to join and get accepted into The Club!
Step Two – Join other new members for a ‘meet and learn’ training event which lasts three hours and takes place in Consett, Co. Durham or Blyth, Northumberland.
Step Three – Get added to our closed Facebook Members Only Group
Step Four – Attend a Marketing Audit training session so we can assess your current marketing activities and plan what you want to achieve.
Step five – Be an active member of The Club – attend your monthly training & networking session, join in the discussions in the group, read the blog posts, watch the training videos and even contribute content to the website or lead a training session yourself!


When we launched in January 2018, we knew we’d host at least one Meet and Learn training session per month, after all, this was the point of The Club – training, learning and networking for those who work on their own.

Mid-way through the year, we realised the wealth of talent in the members needed an outlet – many of them had expressed an interest in hosting small sessions on their area of expertise.

Since launching in January 2018, Nicola (our lead trainer and Founder of The Club) has covered topics including:

* Money – How to charge the right price
* Pitching – How to sell ourselves, our products or services,
* The Social Media Audit and hosted our Summer Social and BBQ.

Our Autumn timetable is bursting and from September 18, we’ll be delivering sessions on LinkedIn, SEO, WordPress, Selling on Etsy and hosting our Christmas Party in December.

But this time, Nicola isn’t hosting each of the sessions – some will be delivered by members and other expert trainers who we’ve invited in for the morning.

Get Savvy and Join The Club!

Alongside the monthly Meet and Learn training events, there will be exclusive, mentoring and additional support and training sessions offered to The Savvy Solos Business Club members.

These additional training courses will be determined by member need, whether it be small or larger groups they could be on any business-related topic of their choosing.

Nicola also hosts 1-2-1 mentoring sessions (one to three hours) for the members covering any topic they wish which is a priority for their business.

Let’s talk about price, or as we think of it, investment in you and your business.

For the price of a sandwich and three posh cups of coffee each month, you can:

* stay accountable and meet your business targets,
* gain confidence and
* develop a brilliant network of business friends
* raise your business profile
* likely make sales (more than 30% of our members have bought and sold to one another).

It’s not a cost, it’s an investment.

The Savvy Solos Club monthly membership investment is only £15 per month or £150 for 12 months’ membership, securing you two months free!

The membership fee is paid monthly (or as a one-off), set up via direct debit, and entitles you to attend one, three-hour Meet and Learn session each month at any planned location in the North East and any additional member-led training session planned each month.

You have access to our online training materials, training videos, downloadable worksheets and planners, blogs and business support from the members are in the website.

The Club respects the financial challenges of working for yourself, so we’ve crammed as much into the membership fee as we can!

In addition, the on-demand bespoke training courses will be offered to our members at £10 per hour, per member.

We’ll never hold you to a notice period if you choose to leave The Savvy Solos Business Club – just let us know and cancel your membership subscription.

Convinced? JOIN NOW!

Upcoming Events

  • The Savvy Sales and Money Conference, 10 Jan, Newcastle

    10th January 2019
  • Business Planning and resilience (Blyth)

    6th February 2019
  • Business planning and resilience (Consett)

    14th February 2019
  • Content writing for digital marketing (Blyth)

    7th March 2019
  • Content writing for our digital marketing (Consett)

    21st March 2019